The Players

SHAKY GROUND has always been known for their incredible musicianship and harmony vocals. Meet the guys who make it happen..

Geoff Bate

drums, percussion and background vocals

As the ‘heartbeat’ of the band and the rhythm of the dance floor, Geoff has been providing a solid backbeat for bands across western Canada for over 50 years.

A professional musician since age 14, his earliest bands had him playing in bars in Edmonton at the age of 16, requiring special permission from the Musicians’ Union. He’s been active in bands ever since, including tours of clubs across western Canada. He moved to Victoria in 1983 and has been keeping the beat for local audiences ever since.

Geoff is also the founder of Imagine Words and Music Inc., one of Canada’s busiest audio production studios. You hear their work every day on local Victoria radio and TV in jingles for Capital Iron, The Finishing Store, Galaxy Motors and many more…plus literally thousands of others for clients around the world.

Geoff plays drums and percussion and provides background vocals.


drums, percussion

As one-half of Shaky Ground’s renowned ‘rhythm section’, Les starting taking piano lessons at age 5 and has been involved in music in some capacity ever since. Achieving his certificates from the Royal Conservatory of Canada, he then went on to play and study arrangement in the Cosmopolitan Orchestra of Edmonton under the direction of Tommy Banks.

This started him applying his knowledge to other instruments and is proficient in many as well as being an accomplished singer and songwriter. After a year of post secondary education he hit the road and toured all across Canada and parts of the US and UK in various bands for 7 years. He returned to Edmonton and recorded an album with the county rock band One Horse Blue with Texas producer Howard Steele where he absorbed recording techniques and eventually partnered with others to form M&M Recorders and worked there producing many artists and radio programs.

Since moving west, Les has performed in various high profile groups and done session work for various artists and recording studios. He played multiple instruments on and produced a CD for local blues man Cal Bachelor and has performed at the Victoria Blues Bash and the Victoria Jazz and Folk Festivals numerous times.

As one of 3 lead vocalists in the band, Les’s vocal range includes everyone from Neil Diamond to Bob Seger to Huey Lewis.

Tom Lang

guitar, fiddle, lead and background vocals

Tom is our resident mad scientist and guitar guru. Besides being one of BC’s most accomplished players, he has spent many years working in the audio electronics industry, helping to design state-of-the-art recording studio equipment currently in use in studios and on stages around the world.

By night he’s a guitar virtuoso, and has played in bands all his life. In his younger years he played on tour with Australian legend Jimmy Barnes, including multiple opening spots with ZZ Top on their Australian tour.

More recently he was recruited by Sting and The Police to provide specialized audio processing equipment for their legendary 2007-2008 reunion tour. Tom spent two weeks with the band in Vancouver as they rehearsed the show before heading out on their world-wide tour.

Tom plays electric and acoustic guitar, and a mean fiddle too! As one of 3 lead vocalists in the band, his vocal talents cover everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Stevie Wonder to Paul Simon.

Tony Rodrigues

keyboard, vocals

Tony Rodrigues is an accomplished multi-keyboardist and vocalist who infuses the band’s sound with energy, texture and polish from someone who is obsessed with sonic accuracy and musicianship.

A veteran player with decades of experience in tribute bands, progressive rock projects and cover bands around Victoria and the San Francisco Bay Area, Tony’s onstage energy and focus on entertaining the audience helps the band stand out.

Whether he is re-creating a Motown horn section, a symphony orchestra, a screaming Hammond organ or lilting piano interludes, Tony captures the sonic fingerprint and musical nuances in any song.

And as one of 3 lead singers in the band, his incredible vocal range covers everyone from Kenny Loggins to Steve Perry to Bryan Adams.